While all of our teachers love books and reading, the experience of teaching for the Institute of Reading Development is unique for every teacher. Below you’ll find reflections from both current and former Institute instructors on their experience teaching for us.

In Their Own Words

Working for the Institute of Reading Development has been a wonderfully challenging and satisfying experience. I have found so much pleasure and fulfillment in helping students improve their reading skills and gain confidence in their ability to carry those skills back to school or work. Furthermore, I think the curriculum at the Institute has continued to improve each year, and I can't wait to learn how to better assist my students in their development this summer. Finally, as a teacher who has assessed her own skills, I must say that training and teaching for the Institute has been an invaluable asset for the skill-set I bring to my current position as a lecturer at the Community College of Rhode Island where I teach writing, children's literature, drama, and oral communication. I hope I have the opportunity to learn more and participate in the productive learning environment the Institute offers in its classes.

— Karen, Boston

I love to teach! I teach English at a few local community colleges right now, and as much as I enjoy it, I miss the younger students. I love to push the junior high and high schoolers to show them what they are capable of; I love helping the third, fourth, and fifth graders really grow in their fluency and enjoyment of the STORIES; I love coaching the first and second graders through struggling through (and eventually actually reading!) the words in front of them; and I love guiding the kindergarten kids and their parents through their first shared and individual experiences with books! The Institute of Reading Development allows me to transfer my personal love and enthusiasm for words, books, stories, and reading to students who aren't burdened (and preoccupied) with grades. And as such, the Institute provides some of the most satisfying and rewarding teaching I've ever experienced.

— Rachel, Los Angeles

The teaching skills and classroom time I have gained over the past two fall sessions have helped me a great deal. I use Institute techniques everyday in my work with pre-school age children. On top of that, I love the Institute's curriculum. I tell everyone I know about this program and its benefit for young people. I am proud to perform this job and hope that I will again be a member of the Institute of Reading Development team this summer.

— Michael, Kansas City

I know that the classes offered by the Institute of Reading Development truly make a difference in the lives of the students, and teaching these classes is very rewarding. I am able to see the improvement in reading skills, increased love for books, and heightened discipline in my students through the course of each class. I am very passionate about teaching reading: I believe that the ability to read and effectively absorb material from books is the basis for success in this world. I want to play a major part of helping students become more successful in their lives, and right now I know that teaching for the Institute of Reading Development is the best method by which to achieve my goal.

— Suzanne, Atlanta

My love for reading has always been strong but teaching with the Institute of Reading Development has increased my love for reading as well given me a passion to want to share that love with so many young people. Working for the Institute was one of the most rewarding work experiences that I have had since I began working at the age of 17. The classroom taught me so much about myself as well as helped me be better prepared for my teaching assistant responsibilities at Syracuse University. I was able to build such good relationships with my students as well as their families. I also gained a strong bond with my fellow regional teachers and my supervisor.

— Erica, Virginia Beach